Paintings & Wall Art

Design Gaatha brings up exclusive pieces of fine painting and wall art by talented artisans from across India specializing in each art.  

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Paintings & wall arts give the much needed finishing element that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete. These are that little extra touch which helps you to convert a functional home into an alluring abode. Paintings act as a focal point in your interior décor. Choosing right color, size and art type of painting is equally important as choosing right wall color for your home.  A small artwork will get dwarfed by the surrounding interiors and a big piece of wall art will over power the charm and beauty of the space. Make sure to measure your wall space to decide the painting and frame sizes. 

While there are various art forms used in painting but the Indian traditional or folk art is always talked about & cherished worldwide. Folk styles of painting generally depict the lifestyle, culture and tradition. India has a rich folk art where each part has its own forms of painting; to name a few Pichwai painting from Rajasthan, Pattachitra painting from Orissa, Madhubani painting from Bihar, Gond art from Madhya Pradesh, Warli painting from Maharashtra, Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh, Kerala Mural from down South and so on.  

Pichwai Painting

Originating from Nathdwara district of Rajasthan, Pichwai is an art depicting tales of Lord Shrinath, a local name of Krishna. The word Pichwai is derived from combining two different words; pichh which means back and wai means cloth hanging. Pichwai Paintings are made on cloth with intricate and stunning detailing. It requires immense skill and can even take several months in making one piece of art. 

Elements of Pichwai Painting

A deity manifest of seven year old Krishna is depicted as Shrinathji. This is the main element of Pichwai Painting however other common subjects found in this folk art are cows, lotuses, peacocks, peeple tree, Radha, Gopis, cowherd’s men and milkmaids. The art portrays different incidents and festivals in Krishna’s life as a child. Originally pichwai paintings were used in the temples of Shrinathji in Nathdwara district, however with time it has gained immense love and is now treasured everywhere as an intricate and sophisticated piece of art.